Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

Gold: Physische Nachfrage aus China läuft auf neues Rekordhoch

Dazu ein informativer Bericht inkl. aufschlussreichen Charts von Zerohedge:

Chinese Gold Imports Soar To Monthly Record On Insatiable Demand
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/08/2013 09:29 -0400
In what must be an inexplicable move to momentum-chasers everywhere, as gold continued to decline in price in March, and long before its targeted smash in April, China was not backing off its gold purchases of the yellow product. Quite the contrary: as export data released by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department overnight showed, Chinese gold imports in March exploded to an all time record high of 223.5 tons. This follows 97.1 tons in February, and brings the total imports for the first quarter of 2013, or 372 tons, on par with what China imported in the entire first half. It also means that since January 2012, China has imported an absolutely stunning 1,206 tons of gold. Putting this number in context, this is 20% more than the entire reporter official gold holdings of 1054 tons, and represents roughly half of the total 2500 tons of gold mined every year (a number which is set to decline as gold miners find current prices unsustainable and are forced to shut down production)..



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