Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

Mining Indaba Südafrika, Review: Interview mit Tommy Humphreys

Kurze Insights vom CEO.CA-Founder Tommy Humphreys auf der Mining Indaba Konferenz in Kapstadt, Südafrika.

Why Canadian miners flourish in Africa
Posted on February 13, 2014 by Tommy Humphreys 
Photo: Tommy Humphreys on CNBC Africa during the 2014 Mining Indaba convention in Cape Town, South Africa
I joined CNBC Africa during the Mining Indaba convention last week in Cape Town, South Africa.
Interviewer Svetlana Doneva and I discussed Canada’s leading role in mineral and energy exploration and development on that continent, which I credited to our intellectual property and technology, as well as the Canadian style of entrepreneurship, which lends itself well to the high stakes resources business.
We talked about West Africa now being the world’s low risk mining jurisdiction, with government’s there doing their best to expedite permitting timelines for new mines and keeping their promises about royalties and taxes.
I offered my two top picks of Canadian domiciled companies exhibiting at the Indaba conference, Endeavour Mining, which then traded at $.68 (last $.80), as well as Ivanhoe Mines (Then $1.47, last $1.54).
Watch the full interview over at CNBC Africa and thanks to Sid Wahi and Svetlana Doneva for having me on the program.

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