Freitag, 23. Januar 2015

Wahres "Hard Asset": Gold in Rubel, Euro, Yen und kanadischem Dollar geht durch die Decke

Ein aktueller Beitrag hierzu von Zerohedge:

This Is What Gold Does In A Currency Crisis, Euro Edition

Tyler Durden's picture

Yesterday the European Central Bank acknowledged that the currency it manages is being sucked into a deflationary vortex. It responded in the usual way with, in effect, a massive devaluation. Eurozone citizens have also responded predictably, by converting their unbacked, make-believe, soon-to-be-worth-a-lot-less paper money into something tangible. They’re bidding gold up dramatically.
So after falling hard in 2013 and treading water for most of 2014, the euro price of gold has gone parabolic in the space of a couple of months. This sudden rather than gradual awakening is the standard pattern for a currency crisis, mainly because it takes a long time for most people to figure out their government is clueless and/or lying. But once they do figure it out, they act quickly..



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