Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

"Repatriate our Gold“-Bewegung, Business Week: "Where's Mein Gold? A German Metal Bug's Campaign Opens Fed Vault"

Lesenwerter Artikel im Bloomberg Business Week Magazine:

"Where's Mein Gold"?

Almost half of Germany's gold is stored in vaults under the streets of Manhattan. Or is it? A German Metal Bug's Campaign Opens Fed Vaults

2015-02-05  by Vernon Silver

“… The gold may be in order. The gold may not be in order. But either way, gold bugs around the world are winning unprecedented concessions from their governments, and gold is streaming out of 33 Liberty St. [NY Fed] and across the Atlantic.  

In May 2014, the Bank of Italy, which has the third-biggest gold reserves after the U.S. and Germany, ended years of secrecy by disclosing the locations of its holdings. Citing the German repatriations, the central bank said about half its gold is in Rome and most of the rest is beneath the New York Fed. Then in November, the Dutch central bank announced that it had secretly moved 122.5 tons of gold from New York to Amsterdam..


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