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Kupfer-Explorer Desert Star Resources verlängert Options-Vereinbarung für Red Top und Copper King in Arizona

Konstruktiver Move von Desert Star (TSX-V:DSR) in Arizona, die aufgrund der schwerfälligen Genehmigungsprozesse für die anvisierten Bohrprogramme auf Copper King und Red Top (siehe Maps unten) jetzt die Options-Deals mit Eurasian Minerals (TSX:EMX) entsprechend anpassen..

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Desert Star extends Red Top, Copper King options

2015-07-23 10:40 ET - News Release

Also News Release (C-EMX) Eurasian Minerals Inc

Mr. Vince Sorace of Desert Star reports


Desert Star Resources Ltd. and Eurasian Minerals Inc. have signed amendment agreements for both the Red Top and Copper King projects, by which the parties have agreed to extend the time by which Desert Star is required to incur exploration expenditures and make AMR payments under the Sept. 13, 2013, option agreements, as amended

The exploration expenditure requirements and AMR payments that were required to be completed and paid by the second anniversary date of the option agreements are now due six months following the parties' receipt of written approval from the U.S. Forest Service regarding permitting for drilling of the projects. Each of the third and subsequent anniversary expenditure requirements and AMR payments due under the option agreements (as disclosed in Desert Star's Sept. 4, 2013, news release) will now fall annually on the anniversary of the new expenditure date.

Desert Star and Eurasian Minerals continue to work diligently with the U.S. Forest Service toward the issuance of the drill permits for the Red Top and Copper King projects.

"We have been subject to lengthy procedural delays but remain optimistic that we will receive our drill permits in the near future. We are fully prepared to quickly mobilize and commence drilling once permits are received, as our drill contractor has been selected, and base of operations and drill core facilities have been secured," stated Vince Sorace, president and chief executive officer of Desert Star..


The company will also be extending the maturity date of $495,000 of convertible notes from Sept. 9, 2015, for one year to Sept. 9, 2016, as agreed between the company and the holders of the notes. The conversion terms and interest rate will remain the same as disclosed in the company's Sept. 9, 2014, news release. The extension of the maturity date and underlying convertible securities is subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.






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