Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

Wichtigster Goldminen-Index der Welt verzeichnet Kursverdopplung unter dem Radar

Hierzu ein aktueller Artikel auf Zerohedge:

Key Gold Index Doubles In 2016 (But Nobody Noticed)

Tyler Durden's picture

Gold investors learn early that one of the best ways to leverage their exposure is to buy gold stocks. That strategy has performed well recently. As of Friday, the NYSE ARCA Gold Bugs Index , which trades under the symbol HUI, had nearly doubled since its January low. The index far out-performed the yellow metal itself, which increased in the low double digits.
However, as one expert points out, while the hard money community followed the rise every step of the way, the public is totally unaware. “ Mainstream media and leading economists throughout 2015 ridiculed gold “bugs,” said Marc Faber , editor of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report . “They now find it embarrassing to talk and write about gold stocks, which are up by approximately 100% in 2016.."

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