Freitag, 23. September 2016

Stahl-Industrie: China genehmigt größte Fusion im letzten Jahrzehnt

China erhofft sich durch den Zusammenschluss von zwei der größten Produzenten in der inländischen Stahlindustrie einen Abbau von weiteren Überkapazitäten..

China to proceed with biggest steel merger in almost a decade

Two of China’s biggest steelmakers agreed to merge their listed units, moving a step closer to a union that would create the nation’s biggest mill and a company with the scale to rival ArcelorMittal.

The publicly traded arm of Shanghai Baosteel Group, the second-biggest Chinese mill by output, will swap shares with the listed unit of Wuhan Iron & Steel Group, its No. 6 steelmaker, the smaller company said in a statement Tuesday. The parents remain in talks about restructuring, Wuhan said, without elaborating. A merger of the groups would be the biggest tie-up since the creation of ArcelorMittal nearly a decade ago..

Doch die chinesische Stahl-Industrie bleibt trotz der Mega-Fusion stark fragmentiert..


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