Montag, 19. September 2016

Vancouver's Nano One Materials profitiert vom Batterie-Nachfrage-Boom bei Tesla

Nachtrag eines informativen Berichts in der Vancouver Sun. Sehen Sie hierzu die aktuelle Firmen-Präsentation von Nano One Materials (V.NNO).

Vancouver's Nano One benefits from Tesla's lithium battery demand

Nano One CEO Dan Blondal says there’s a rapidly growing market and pent-up demand for lithium-battery cathode materials. HANDOUT/NANO ONE MATERIAL CORP. / PNG

The meteoric rise of electric-car manufacturer Tesla has increased the demand for lithium batteries and the components that go into them, and a Vancouver materials technology company hopes to grab a share of the business.

Nano One Materials Corp. has developed a new method of making cathode material, a black, powdery substance used in lithium batteries. Nano One is building a $6-million plant to test its ability to produce the substance in commercial quantities in a production line-type setting.

“We are at the stage where we’ve proven the technology at a certain level,” said Nano One CEO Dan Blondal, who founded the company in 2011. “We’ve tested the material and gotten the performance we expected, as well as proving to ourselves that the technology scales. … What we want is learn (with the pilot plant) is whether it’s a platform that will give a manufacturer the ability to make the material for any kind of battery, going into a number of applications.”

The Nano One technology, Blondal said, creates cathode materials that could last up to three times longer in a battery than current materials. That would allow batteries to store more energy while trimming the cost of producing hem.

Blondal said Nano One’s process has generated wide interest including from battery makers and the companies that use batteries in everything from tiny phones to large cars..

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