Montag, 19. September 2016

Deutsche Bank: Kapitalsorgen nehmen weiter zu, Wahrscheinlichkeit einer neuen Kapitalerhöhung wächst

Der Krisenmodus bei der angeschlagenen Deutsche Bank (DB) setzt sich ungebrochen fort..

Capital worries grow for Deutsche Bank

Sep 19 2016, 09:08 ET | About: Deutsche Bank AG (DB) | By: Stephen Alpher, SA News Editor
  • Shares plunged late last week after word leaked the U.S. is seeking $14B over crisis-era MBS dealings, and they're extending those losses today as analysts crunch the bank's capital numbers.
  • Any settlement above $6B would suggest a capital raise would be necessary just to pay the fine, says SocGen's Andrew Lim, noting Deutsche (NYSE:DB) has only about $12B in legal reserves and is still facing other probes.
  • Macquarie's Piers Brown says the bank's capital position is "precariously thin" even without bad litigation outcomes, although a sale of Postbank could ease that pressure a bit.
  • JPMorgan says a U.S. settlement in the $3B-$3.5B range would leave Deutsche will the necessary room to settle other cases without a capital raise. For each $1B over that range, litigation costs would erode capital by 24 basis points.


Deutsche Bank Extends Losses Near Record Lows: "Significantly Undercapitalzied... Even Without Bad Outcomes"

Things are going from worse to worst once again for Deutsche Bank as equity and credit markets deteriorate further as analysts warn Germany's biggest (and the world's most systemically dangerous) bank would be "significantly undercapitalized" even if an eventual settlement with the DoJ can be covered by the bank's reserves. Despite multiple capital raises over the past few years, as Bloomberg notes, any likely settlement would imply a capital increase - just to pay the fine..

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