Dienstag, 9. September 2014

Branchengröße Goldcorp: CEO sieht Peak Gold bereits gekommen

Diesbzeüglich ein aktueller Beitrag von mining.com:

Goldcorp: We have hit PEAK gold

Frik Els | September 8, 2014

The CEO of the world's most valuable gold miner Goldcorp (TSE:G) says "peak gold" will be reached this year or in 2015.

Chuck Jeannes told the Wall Street Journal global gold production will start to decline "as easy-to-mine gold deposits become harder to find" and in the absence of any major technological breakthrough:

"Whether it is this year or next year, I don't think we will ever see the gold production reach these levels again," he said. "There are just not that many new mines being found and developed."

Jeannes says a drop in mine supply from a high of 2,270 tonnes in 2013 will support the gold price and lead to further consolidation in the industry as gold majors opt to buy ounces..

Link: http://www.mining.com/goldcorp-we-have-hit-peak-gold-48704/

Quelle: SNL Metals & Mining, mining.com

Quelle: SNL Metals & Mining, mining.com

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