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Uran-Industrie: Top-News aus Fernost - Japanische Regulatoren geben grünes Licht für den Restart von zwei Reaktoren

Wichtige News für den Uran-Markt kommen heute Morgen aus Japan. Die japanische Behörde der Uran-Industrie (NRA) hat dem Restart von zwei Atommeilern zugestimmt.

Auf dieses wichtige Event hat die gesamte Branche gewartet und die Signalwirkung dieser Entscheidung könnte enorm sein. Daher sollte man sich einige Uranwerte wieder auf die Watchlist legen.

Gegenwärtig halte ich im Uranbereich die folgenden Firmen für sehr interessant:

- Uranium Energy (NYE:UEC) --> Nr. 1 und damit prime pick in den USA, erst diese Woche mit weiteren Top-News; eine Branchen-Legende tritt dem exzellenten Management-Team bei

- Fission Uranium (TSX-V:FCU) --> weltklase Uran-Discovery im ruhmreichsten Uranbezirk der Welt (Athabasca Basin), große und kontinuierliche Explorations-Erfolge, Übernahme-Kandidat; hier zu meinem ausführlichen Interview & Essay mit dem CEO

- NexGen Energy (TSX-V:NXE) --> Jüngste, sehr spannende Discovery im Athabasca Basin; hier zu meinem letzten Beitrag über die neuste Entdeckung im hoch-gradigsten Uranbezirk der Welt

Zu der Meilenstein-News aus Japan ein aktueller Kommentar von Cantor Fitzgerald Canada:

Analyst: Rob Chang
Associate: Michael Wichterle

Uranium Industry

Japan’s Nuclear Regulatory Agency has approved the restart of two nuclear power stations
Event: Earlier today, the Japanese Nuclear Regulatory Agency (“NRA”) said that the Kyushu Electric Power Company’s Sendai plant in southwestern Japan has met the safety requirements required for a restart.

Bottom line: We believe this is an important event for the uranium space as it signals a step closer to the resumption of nuclear power usage in Japan, which currently has all of its 48 nuclear reactors halted.
  • Note that the two nuclear reactor power stations still need to pass operational safety checks as well as win the approval of local authorities. It is reported that local authorities are in support of the restart.
  •          The Sendai plant is located approximately 1,000Km southwest of Tokyo. Today’s approval certifies the upgraded design and safety features of the units.
  • Note that the mayor of Satsumasendai, where the plant is located, and the Governor of Kagoshima prefecture are in favor of reopening the plant.
  •             Given the operational safety checks, a restart before December is still considered as unlikely.
  • NRA chief Sunichi Tanaka mentioned that it is unlikely for all 48 reactors to be restarted as the older reactors (aged 40 years or more) may be decommissioned while others may not meet the regulatory commission’s restart standards.
  • The NRA has previously called the revised restart guidelines the “world’s toughest level of nuclear regulations”. These include the installation of specific countermeasures for major events ranging from core meltdowns to tsunamis.
  •           Japan’s  nuclear reactors supplied up to 30% of the country’s electricity at one point. At full capacity it requires 11.5M lbs U3O8 annually to operate, which accounts for about 6.4% of global demand.
  • We believe this is a positive signalling event for the uranium space as a significant amount of the current U3O8 inventory is a result of material earmarked for Japan not being used. With low uranium prices not incentivizing additional uranium production and a demand environment that is expected to grow continuously (we forecast 17% growth by 2020) uranium equities are well positioned to move higher. 
  • Moreover, we note the recent strength in the current uranium spot market which has increased by over 10% in the last month and now totals $32.88/lb
  • For actual Japanese reactor restarts, we continue to forecast 15 for next year, 4 in 2016 and a further 12 in 2017.




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