Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015

Zeitreise: Das berühmte "Wall Street Journal" und die verfluchten Goldminen - Ein Timing für die Götter

Goldenes Experten-Timing eben. Netter Beitrag - credit to Kevin Muir:
"..He was only three bloody days early! Brilliant! And I am not talking about some interim top that was surpassed in the coming weeks. No, Jason Zweig wrote that article within days of the ALL TIME HIGH IN GDX. That price was never to be seen again, and we are now 80% lower. 
Man, I have had some bad calls in my day, but this one by Jason Zweig makes them look like slight hiccups. You decide if the pet rock article is bullish or bearish for our poor little yellow friend…."


Quelle: themacrotourist.com

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