Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015

Excelsior Mining erreicht großen Meilenstein: Test-ISR-Produktion bestätigt die Weltklasse Daten der Vormachbarkeitsstudie

Stück für Stück kommt Kupfer-Developer Excelsior Mining (TSX-V:MIN) auf dem Flaggschiff-Projekt Gunnison in Arizona voran. Ein weiteres, elementares Puzzle-Teil für die erfolgreiche Erstellung der kommenden Wirtschaftlichkeitsstudie (FS) kam diese Woche hinzu..

Hydrology Pump Tests Confirm Favourable Conditions for In-situ Operations

Excelsior Mining Corp. (TSX-V: MIN) (Frankfurt: 3XS) (OTCQX: EXMGF) ("Excelsior" or the “Company”) is pleased to announce comprehensive hydrological results for the Gunnison Copper Project in Arizona (“Gunnison Project”). The results generated hydrological conductivities in the range expected for typical fracture controlled deposits and show the deposit is suitable for in-situ recovery (“ISR”) operations. These results will be incorporated into a full Feasibility Study scheduled for completion in 2016.

Commenting on these results, President and CEO Stephen Twyerould said, “The successful completion of the hydrology test program is a major milestone in the advancement of our Gunnison Copper Project. The favourable results once again demonstrate the potential to extract this significant deposit using economically superior and environmentally friendly in-situ mining.

A total of 32 hydrology wells were laid out over the North Star deposit of the Gunnison Project and its surroundings. These wells targeted a variety of fractured zones, rock types and mineralized areas. Twenty-seven of the 32 wells were hydraulically tested and the remaining five served as observation wells. An additional 21 core holes from previous drilling programs were used as water level observations to provide a radial distribution of observation bores to each of the tested wells..

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Excelsior Mining: Finale Metallurgische Resultate belegen die Top-Ergebnisse der Vormachbarkeitsstudie

Solide Fortschritte bei Kupfer-Developer Excelsior Mining (TSX-V:MIN), die der finalen Machbarkeitsstudie (FS) einen weiteren Schritt näher kommen..


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