Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

Chinesischer Gold-Standard würde einen Goldpreis von 64.000 USD/Unze benötigen

Lesenswerter Beitrag von Bloomberg:

Chinese Gold Standard Would Need a Rate 50 Times Bullion’s Price

By Nicholas LarkinEddie Van Der Walt - 1:16 PM CEST  May 20, 2015

A move to a gold standard in China would require an exchange rate of as much as $64,000 an ounce, 50 times bullion’s price now, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

A traditional gold standard, in which the precious metal backs the currency, is basically impossible at current prices due to the amount of metal needed and there’s no evidence the sixth-biggest bullion holder will adopt one, Bloomberg Intelligence said in reports published Wednesday. Any attempt probably would involve new technologies and depend on the ratio of what is backed, it said.

Chinese policy makers are trying to establish the yuan as a reserve currency, and backing it with gold would help attract foreign capital inflows, the Bloomberg research unit wrote. Theoretically, to create an exchange rate of one ounce of gold for every $64,000, the country would need about 10,000 metric tons of the metal, they estimated. That’s nine times the nation’s official holdings and about 6 percent of all the bullion ever mined globally.

“It would probably have to be very different than an old gold standard,” Kenneth Hoffman, the Princeton-based head of global metals and mining research at Bloomberg Intelligence, said in an interview in London on Tuesday. “They have all this currency out there, they want it all soaked up by central banks...”

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