Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Hedgefonds: Wetten auf steigenden Goldpreis fallen auf 5-Jahrestief

Könnte sich ebenfalls als klassischer Kontraindikator herausstellen, vom Contrarian Standpunkt sowieso (siehe u.a. Gold: Short-Quote an der COMEX steigt auf neues ATH und auch den 2. Bericht unten). Weiter sollte nicht vergessen werden, dass die Hedgefonds fast ausschließlich am Derivate- und ETF/ETP-Papiermarkt agieren:

Gold Bets Cut to Five-Year Low as Prices Whipsawed: Commodities
Hedge funds are the least bullish on gold in more than five years as speculation about the pace of money printing by central banks whipsawed prices, driving volatility to a 17-month high
Money managers cut their net-long position by 9 percent to 35,686 futures and options as of May 21, the lowest since July 2007, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission data show. Holdings of short contracts rose 6.7 percent to a record 79,416. Net-bullish wagers across 18 U.S.-traded commodities slid 2.1 percent, as investors became more bearish on coffee and wheat..

Gold Bug Hedge Funds Collectively Report Over $183mm In New Call Option Positions On Miners
While mainstream news sources continue the war against gold and gold-related investments, three of the world’s top performing hedge fund managers have been busy at work building speculative gold positions during the first quarter..


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